Our move to Idaho

So most of you already know this but we moved to Idaho. Rexburg, Idaho to be exact. We had a little baby, my husband was working full time and going to school and we decided enough was enough. Rexburg has cheap housing and Byui has cheap tuition so my husband quit his job and we packed up our little family and headed off on an adventure.

Idea conception to move in date was a month. By some miracle they approved his application as soon as they got back from Christmas break, we purchased someone’s housing contract without seeing the place and moved in the day after school started. My husband just couch surfed for a couple days so he could start class on time. It was a whirl wind of a ride but everything worked out.

Our apartment was perfect and my son didn’t learn to crawl until three days after we moved in. Which at the time I didn’t think was a big deal but unpacking with a helper was hard enough I couldn’t imagine trying to pack with one. Crawlers can be a handful. Adorably cute but still a handful.

So that’s how we went from the chaotic shuffle of city life balancing work and school and family life to actually getting to see each other in the daylight hours, penny pinching like crazy, and loving every minute if it.

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