The Power of the Everyday

So one of the things that make me smile is everyday life. You know those small moments that are just well normal. Yes the big moments are great too but I definitely believe in the power of the everyday moments and that those are truly the ones that change our lives.

And I love capturing them on film, or in this case digital files. Ha ha But really pull out your phone and document a bit of normal life, not the trips, the birthdays just the little moments. Because they are probably the ones you are going to miss the most.

Isn’t my son adorable when he’s sleeping. Seriously though these are the moments I know I am going to miss and the times I treasure. He’s growing up so fast that it’s hard to keep up. I remember when he used to fit comfortable in my arms now he’s all legs and arms and doesn’t fit nearly as snug. But luckily he still sometimes naps curled up all small like he did as a baby and I get flashbacks of his little self. Other times he’s awake like in the photos below and it’s quite clear that my little snuggle bug has grown up. He’s so full of personality and life. Everything makes him smile. If I could hang a picture of everything that made him smile it would be mostly food and his Daddy. But it would also hold treasures like mounds of old snow on the side of the road, being able to throw his own diaper away, washing dishes and small bugs. Stuff that as adults we forget to smile about.

I love how he reminds me to smile about those little things in life. And you know what I have found I’m smiling a lot more often since he’s come around. So My challenge for you is to TAKE TIME TO SMILE AT THE EVERYDAY MOMENTS OF LIFE.

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