Try to show kindness in all that you do

As women I think there’s a lot of pressure to be some sort of bad A in your face no nonsense kind of person. Which I’d much rather have that than the look pretty and keep your mouth shut pressure of the 1900’s but still neither one of them is really a good balanced human. Yes I know I might get some flax for saying it. But honestly we just need to be kind, understanding and decent human beings.

I was singing a song to my son the other day. It was a Christian children’s song and it talked about trying to show kindness in all that you do. Show kindness in deed and in thought. And since by that time he was asleep in my arms i had time to really think and ponder about what that meant and the implications that had on my life. I definitely have some room for improvement.

I try to be kind but it doesn’t always happen as naturally as I’d like. For example I have a toddler at home. Cutest kid you’ll ever meet, but when he does stuff I don’t like my response it usually far from kind. As a teacher, when my students pushed my buttons…far from kind. Dealing with solicitors on the phone or the customer help desk…far from kind. So many areas of my life where I have forgotten to be kind. So this weeks goal is to focus more on kindness. Where’s the areas you want to improve?

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