Frame what makes you Smile

So I’ve had the website but I was using the name Carter Photography. I’ve decided it’s time to focus more on the frameasmile that I thought was so clever when I first started out in 2012. Because framing a smile is really what it is all about. I want to give my client photos that make them smile that they can frame and hang on their wall.

And let me guess you are thinking in your mind of all the photos you have that make you smile that are not on your wall. Photographers that gave you digitals and they are sitting happily on your hard drive. Yep they need to be hung up so they can make you smile.

I think of very few things as a need in my life and photos on my wall are one of them, specifically photos that make you smile. In my bedroom, I have hung up one of my favorite engagement pictures and I can’t tell you how many times I have had my attitude changed by that photo. My husband is practically perfect in every way but since I’m not sometimes I can get annoyed or frustrated by something or another and well I walk into my room and am reminded about just how in love we are and just how much he loves me in particular and you know what I’m not nearly as annoyed. I see him with those rose colored honeymoon glasses and I fall in love all over again. It doesn’t fix everything every time but it definitely reminds me to cut him some slack and see all the good things he does for me.

Are those simple pictures saving our marriage? No, but they are a reminder of why we got married to start with. Don’t get me wrong our marriage is fantastic and I wouldn’t want to ever be separated from him ever. So it’s not like it’s hanging by a thread and these photos are keeping it together but they do remind me what’s important and reminds us of how much we love each other and remember that every day is enough I believe to save even the most fragile of marriages. Because if we put the other person first who knows the changes that can take place.

The same goes for family photos or photos of anything else that reminds you of what is really important in your life. I could go on and on about the topic. Because well I just feel very strongly about printing photos and the power they have to influence and remind us and eventually change us.

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