Car sick and Lessons

I dated a guy that was a really good friend and at the end of our relationship he asked me what my favorite date was. I can’t remember my response by I will always remember his. His favorite date was when we went off roading and a fog rolled in and I got car sick. This was definitely not on my list of favorites. I made them pull over and I puked in front of everyone on the side of the road and right in front of him because he got out too to make sure I was okay. I was embarassed, mortified, and just wanted to crawl into a hole. I also felt like puking again so I just suffered through the rest of the trip.

And yes this was his favorite date. He said it was because he got to take care of me and that I handled the situation well. So the date I wanted to clear from my memory he cherished. So what’s the lesson, sometimes things turn out the best when they don’t go as planned and when things aren’t perfect.

So many times in life we compare ourselves to others, or to how we want it to be. Maybe it’s how we want to be, or how we want our house to look, or the skills, or job that we want to have. We want everything to be perfect. We want a instagram worthy feed in every aspect of our life. The perfect family, always matching, a testimony in God, nothing ever wavering, the perfect house, everything clean and coordinated, the perfect wardrobe, no hair out of place, doing the perfect family trips, because your job pays you mega bucks and only asks for a few hours a week, just to name a few.

Luckily life isn’t like that for anyone. Because then that person would never have friends. We all have aspects of our life that isn’t perfect that other people can help us with and take care of us. Things that make us human, relatable, and lovable. Instead of wanting to crawl in a hole because of them we should embrace them and own them and know that those around us with the perfect instagram feed pictures have them to. We may not see them but they are always there it’s just part of the human experience.

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