My Photography Style

Every photographer you meet is trying to find that sweet spot we call our style. Honestly it’s not as easy as it sounds and for me it’s been a tough journey cause well I like everything and I tend to compare myself to others. Yep instagram and facebook are the devil. But I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know cause everyone does it we all compare and critique and end up confusing ourselves and getting lost in the shuffle of pretty things. But anyhow I’ve figured out a few things about myself and what my style is. So you ready for it.

  1. I like my images simple. Simple color scheme, simple background, and simple setup. I don’t like lots of props, patterns, or crazy camera angles I just like to focus on the subject. I like headshot type images of people, kids, babies. I don’t like to have it clutterd up with props.
  2. I love dark colors. Okay I don’t have a problem shooting pastels and if that’s your thing totally wear them but I love dark colors. I love blues, dark reds, golden yellows, browns, grey, dark purple, black and white.
  3. Screaming with personality. I like laughing photos, grumpy photos, goofing off photos and real smiles. The smile can be small and quiet or big and contagious but if it’s real it shows.
  4. I edit true to life. I don’t do trendy instagram filter type presets. My editing style changes slightly depending on the current trend for example over the years it’s gotten slightly warmer and a touch less bold but the image you see when you are standing there in real life is the image I deliver. The colors are going to look the same, the skin tones are going to look the same. I may edit out distractions, and add a little pop. But it’s not going to look dated in a few years and it’s not going to look foreign to you. I also edit my images by hand I don’t batch edit and be done. I look at each individual image and do what’s best for that image specifically.
  5. Let kids be kids. Kids don’t alway cooperate and you know what that’s okay. Even when it comes to newborns I don’t force them to do anything they don’t want to do. Some kids hate being wrapped and that’s okay. In fact that was my babies. Well at least the first one and I’m guessing the second one will be too cause it doesn’t even hold still in my tummy for more than ten minutes. I constantly feel hands, feet, elbows and knees and I’m okay with that. My oldest hated to have his arms wrapped and not free and kicked off his blankets like no ones business. That’s just how my babies roll. So I embrace it. let them squirm and wiggle rather than force them to sleep in a taco pose. No one remembers their baby curled up in taco pose anyhow and definitely not sitting up in a froggy pose. Babies just don’t go like that. I also let kids crawl, climb and run. I get better pictures if they aren’t forced to do something they don’t want to do. And if it means we take a break for a family session we take a break. But usually that doesn’t happen because kids break down more when they feel forced.

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