Why Prints Matter

I know everyone wants the digital I get it I promise I want them too. But here’s the truth of the matter. The digitals often stay just digitals, even for me. On my wall is a picture of my son and guess what he’s six months old in the photo, and he’s turning two in a few months and I have a ton of great photos of him that I just haven’t printed. It’s embarassing but true.

You may be one of those few people that are really good at getting your photos printed…but statistically speaking those people are in the strong minority. 53% of people haven’t printed a single image in 12 months and 70% of people no longer have photo albums. I don’t know exactly what the statistics are but a few of the sites I’ve looked at says as much as 30% of pc users will loose all their data based on no fault of their own. Yep that means all your photos have a 30% chance of disappearing unless they are printed. Luckily there’s backups and your facebook album 🙂 but honestly even those are vulnerable to data coruption and vanishing without a trace.

What I like about print is there’s few things that can actually destroy a photo. Floods can wet it and fade it and cake it with dirt but with a little patience and some skill you can scan it and restore it and get it pretty close to back to it’s original glory. Fire is a little more difficult but the chances of the whole image going up in a puff of smoke is small. Sunlight can fade the image, kids can color on it, it can be folded and smudged and start to peal but it’s very rarely beyond at least some sort of saving. When you loose a digital file it’s often times just gone without a trace and there’s not much you can do.

As a photographer I don’t just take photos. I capture memories and stages of life that are not going to last forever. I do not want you to ever loose those moments. That is why I don’t just offer you a bunch of digital images instead I offer something more permanent images and albums. Something that isn’t going to disappear if you child gets ahold of your computer and pushes delete. I also want them to be something you see everyday instead of once a year when you click of the file folder on accident. Trust me I’ve been there you think your going to love and cherish them and then you forget. It’s okay your human. That is why I offer something different. Need a few more reasons to print your photos. Here’s ten:

  1. Prints are harder to destroy
  2. You don’t need to be tech savy to enjoy a printed photo
  3. Sometimes you stumble upon them by accident and take you one trip down memory lane.
  4. Put them somewhere you see them daily to remind you of feelings, memories and people
  5. They are tactile- there’s something powerful about touch
  6. They don’t vanish when you push delete
  7. kids can enjoy them
  8. harder to destroy- you can save them even when they’ve had water on them, been crumpled, worn, etc you can always restore them
  9. technology to view printed photos will never become outdated
  10. You can view them even when your battery dies

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