Newborn Photography: Family Love

Hello friend,
One of the things I love most about being a photographer is I get to see/capture so many precious moments.  Getting a new member of the family can be quite an adjustment but it also is full of beautiful touching and awe inspiring moments.  These girls were so sweet with their new sister and have such a strong bond between them. 
I love capturing their awe over this little infant.  I loved watching their eyes brim with love at the simple acknowledgement given by their new sister, and how softly they touched her.  You can tell in these images how much they love her already and what a good friendship they will build.  It brings me back to my own family and the two sisters I have.  Hopefully I was as soft and tender with mine as they are with theirs. 
Either way I know they will have fun times together like I did with my sisters playing dress ups and dolls and laughing until everything hurts.  Such an amazing time of life. And those moments and experiences soon become memories in a photo album.  Oh how I love how photos can transport you through time.  

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