How to take better Photos with your Cell phone

I get it you aren’t always going to have a pro around documenting your day. In fact you probably won’t even have a camera, and that’s okay. I was looking through my pictures the other day and guess what I even like those blurry cell phone shots I take of my kid as he rushes through doing the cutest thing ever. Cause well it’s about the memory and even if it’s a crapy photo it still brings back the feels for me. However there are a few tricks you can use to get those pics not so blurry. You may still get some that well honestly only a mama can love because well sometimes you only have two seconds to pull out your camera and try to capture the low light high action moment. But for the other times here are a few tips.

1. Avoid low light high action moments- I know you don’t always have control but when you do at least turn the lights on. Ideally you’ll want to go outside or have lots of natural light from a window. So if your kid is super adorable at popping bubbles then get your wand and head outdoors. Inside no matter how bright it seems will almost always be darker than outside even on a cloudy day. If the light is super harsh like in the afternoon then find a shady spot to avoid under eye shadows but get outside and enjoy the light. The light makes your phone have a higher shutter speed which freezes the moment instead of blurring it.

2. If you have to shoot indoors in low light then stabilize your camera/cell phone. Either find something to rest the bottom of the phone on or hold it really close to your body to help stabilize it. It’s the same thing you do with a big dslr camera when you shoot low light receptions. In order to let the light in to capture the image you have to have a slower shutter speed which means any movement from you ei. breathing will mean a slight shift of the camera which leads to blur.

3. Get on their level- I know sometimes you just don’t feel like moving. As a pregnant mama I get it it’s so much easier to take a picture from your eye level but it tells a better story if you are willing to get low. The world for your kid is at their eye level not yours so instead of trying to capture your world try capturing theirs. There’s so much more magic hidden in their world and you’ll be surprise at the images you get.

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