You maybe doing Family History and not even know it

Do you ever feel like you should be doing family history but you just don’t have the time. Well it turns out you maybe doing more than you know.

Here’s a few ways you may already be doing family history.

  • taking photos- yep it’s that simple get out your phone and snap away. People, places, objects you name it, it can all be considered family history. You are leaving a record of your life and the lives around you.
  • collecting recipes- ever asked your great aunt for that awesome roll recipe? That’s family history. Just Write where you got it from on top so those future generations know who made it first.
  • Do you keep a journal-even a small one counts. I pick up a day planner and use it as my planner. It feels less intimidating to write everyday when I know I just have to fill a small box.
  • Instagram/facebook- Do you post your pictures with a little captions saying where you were, who you were with, or what you were doing or thinking. That’s family history. It’s history of your family and it counts.
  • Visiting family- Common sense I know but many people get so busy in their own life that they forget to visit family. Stopping by your grandparents, showing up to reunions, and making family a priority is so powerful, it’s connecting generations in ways you can’t comprehend.
  • keeping old junk- I know being minimalistic is all the rage but making room in your house for that rocker of your grandmothers, or holding onto that quilt that belonged to great aunt sally, or even that cool wooden spoon you have in the drawer that’s part of your family and history just don’t forget to tell people where you got it.
  • Traditions- do you have food you always eat at Christmas Time? Do you know how that got started? Find out how and write it down somewhere and keep the tradition alive.

Well what do you think? Are you doing more family history that you thought you were? Sitting down and pouring over you family tree is great but sometimes you just don’t have the time so relax and give yourself credit for the little things that you maybe doing everyday. it only takes a minute to keep those memories alive.

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